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AMPLUS puts its skills in your service

You are lacking time, your purchasing resources are already mobilized, you want to benefit from an expertise. You found a solution with AMPLUS. We can treat all or a part of the purchasing process according to your needs.

                                                        SPECIFICATIONS : AMPLUS helps her customers in the writing of the specifications on the contractual,

                                                                                       commercial aspects, and leads the project team for the analysis of the risks.


                                                        SOURCING : We do a world sourcing. (China, India, the Eastern Europe, Turkey, South america,...) 


                                                        CONSULTATION : We set up the tactics of consultation.


                                                        NEGOCIATION : AMPLUS negotiates for her customers to reach the best consensus Cost, Quality, Delivry time.


                                                        CONTRACT : AMPLUS drafts and negotiates the contract. We can also take care of the administrative process.



                                                            PURCHASING PROJECT MANAGEMENT : We assure the follow-up of the supplier held in term of cost,

                                                                                                                        quality and delivry time.


                                                        AMENDMENT : We can negotiate amendments and manage its administrative process.