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AMPLUS suggests you grouping the volumes with the other members to allow you to benefit from much more important volumes.

We let in new rival members only with the agreement of the concerned companies. AMPLUS and the suppliers are the only ones to reach your data of companies.

AMPLUS brings you the lever volume and allows you to keep your independence.

The fact of entering the Cercle HA makes you a more important customer become and your commercial position face to face suppliers changes.

Your suppliers will improve:
 > the prices(prizes) (until 30 % of earnings(gains)), 
 > the follow-up of the commands(orders),
 > the rate of services(departments),
 > the reactivity,
 > their implication in your problems.

Improve your purchasing costs, become members in the Cercle HA. You just need to contact us.


  Come to join the Cercle HA of AMPLUS to improve the costs of your recurring purchases.

You used all the levers of negotiation in your ownership face to face of your suppliers. You do not have time to take care of less strategic purchases. You would like to buy with the other companies, but you want to keep(guard) the confidentiality on your consumptions; or they are in competition with you.